Aire de Picnic
Groupe Liaison Concrète

Groupe Liaison Concrète inaugurates Aire de Picnic, a suspended space, but vital for our nourishment. In it the meal becomes the place, of a collective experience and of companionship. And because we won’t wait for a few scraps fallen from the meal of the powerful, bring incredible dishes to share and your most beautiful cutlery!

Aire de Picnic supports collective initiatives that are aimed at corrupting the time-consuming and macabre conventions that haunt our simplest activities: eating, talking, building…

The picnic is foremost a social event, marked by the group’s habits and the ties that bind the residents to their surroundings. The picnic is a temporary zone for sharing, it’s a mutualized form of meals sharing within a common space that takes care of realizing a universal and essential task. Located outside of the domestic space, with its repetitive and chronic conventions, the picnic creates new manners through spontaneous and moving practices. This form enables to redistribute the roles of hosting through movement, flexibility and idleness. For a set time, sharing a meal isn’t defined by the criteria of the workplace or domestic space anymore, it infringes its normative role to become a zone where one can experience the common. The picnic starts when eating becomes necessary to the group and when an evident location is chosen. It is the obviousness of a location: its geography, shape, pleasantness and practicality that defines where to stay.

Groupe Liaison Concrète initiates AdP as a conceptual and aesthetic frame favoring the transmission and production of knowledge in the group; how its limits are understood, measured, represented and transgressed. With methods that are formal and informal, the picnic is intended as a space where the everyday and the cosmological are mixed, and then transform a theoretical and practical conversation into an everyday ritual. These moments of research will take the form of an autonomous and temporary workshop at the S*, and will be made effective during a shared lunch the following Sunday. On the contrary of an exhibition, where the final product is presented as a static object, AdP emphasises the process of thought and of investigation as a production of its own. It engages in the fluid, contingent and mutable shapes of the introjection—workshop, the conversation, the meal—as a way of extending the metonymy of the research and of the discovery in the shared timeframe of “how to eat well together”.

Through different modules belonging to this moment, we would like to explore new ways of understanding, developing, reconfiguring and hacking infrastructures by concentrating on their radical potential. This means we do not take interest in infrastructural hegemonies, but rather in possible infra-structures for these troubled times, and their counter-cultural capacity in creating knowledge and practices of resistance and of structural transformations. By concentrating on contra-structures of infrastructures—we hope to think the (infra)structure as a situation of dialogue for the critical intervention and as a condition of cooperation, the common sharing and collective practices. Indeed, everyone has to eat, but eating here has to become a question of learning and of solicitude rather than merely taking content in “taking” and “seizing”.

Like every research that concentrates on the potential of engaging through our senses, “the relation to self, in this situation, can only be différance, that is to say alterity, or trace. Not only is the obligation not lessened in this, but on the contrary it finds in it its only possibility, which is neither subjective nor human.”**. “This means that it is from an open invitation, broken up and fragile like this one that subjects and objects can occur, affirmative and equal: utensils, food, modules, decors, interprets, publics, archives, scraps.

The meal is articulated around ‘portals’, which welcomes the lunch and the public, by scattering the attentions so that actions can take place at its edge. A multitude of events takes place, from different perspectives, breaking the hierarchy of the center and its margins. This staging favors the spontaneous apparition of several narrations, resuming the dynamics of the picnic in the shared space. The artistic propositions are free in their conception and their distribution: they support and accompany the event, confounding the interval between the real and the illusion to nourish the diversity and the complexity that takes place infra-meal.

* Provisional name of the collective self-managed space, Avenue de Strasbourg at Noisy-le-Sec, France. ** Derrida, J. (1991). “Eating Well”, or the calculation of the subject: An interview with Jacques Derrida. In E. Cadava, P. Connor, & J.-L. Nancy (Eds.), Who comes after the subject (pp. 96–119). New York: Routledge.

Aire de Picnic
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