The skies at dusk set in floating shades of violet
Swirled, flicked, intuitively named
Road circles round mountains
On their staggered way up
Into secrecy.

That is why I cannot believe you have found me
You navigate surer on water, by lantern, at night
Like, asleep across the Bay of Biscay.
Now we are on land I have marked the trail out with some sticks and a fire
You can find your way to us so safely.

You have come to see
my breast at night dripping, sacrificial, leaking, flowing the allotted time
These woken hours by the pump are
Not real life, they are too happy, too at easeGiving to the little person needing me. But I do not exist yet.

Treading these mute, tonal paths Undomesticated cats scurry away from under our feet In absolute discretion, to find a ruin of a home. No one would know any of this existed Were it not for the Collemacchia Beacon.

Melting like burning lace A milestone covered in flames The only distance between us now is imaginary But I might have thought of you wrong, the close safety I dreamed Was the fist clenching your rudder as you pull away.


Elin Karlsson is an artist and researcher based between Sussex and London. Recent exhibitions and residencies include British School at Athens (residency upcoming, 2021), Museum of Loss and Renewal (residency, 2020), Picturing the Invisible at Chelsea College of Art (2019), Portico at British School at Rome (residency, 2019), Made for Life at Regency Town House (2018), The Best Mess at HUTT Collective (2017). Elin is a practise based PhD candidate at the University of Arts London. In her research she processes taste, sexuality and cultural form in a manifestation of an idealised domestic space.

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