Bless'ed Curse is a massively multiplayer, decentralized project developed by Underground Flower for Solo Show. Unfolding across the sprawling grounds + interior of a fantasy complex, multiple artists and projects co-create a liminal space that hovers just outside of reality, punctuated by both sullen and sublime intensities spanning sculpture, installation, performance and digital work.

Blesse'ed Curse .02 launches online in June 2022, with an in~person groupshow at Catabasis NYC on 25 June.

participating artists:
@aerisce @_______archangel @wholeorbstinking @eventyrverden @metaverse_psycheward @goproheroo7 @unradmotions @emmanuelle.queinnec @576757571111111.10 @3i3gaia3i3 @djllukey @sofia___leilani @glock_x_time @greedy_rigor @oli__zzz @glitterglueassorted @chachiko.0 @linatheebean
webstite graphics: @_______archangel
curated: underground flower

Previous editions:
bless'ed curse .01