Solo Show:

Everything must be rendered perfectly

With a text by Jisoo You and works by Adrian Ghiman, Alan Stefano, Alice Aster, Brit Jackson, B.R Zumbrun, Claire Goldstrom, Cléo Sjölander, Cory Pappalardo, Daniel Stroh, Firat Imec, Hadaly Villasclaras, Jasper Jordan Lang, Juliette Ayrault, Juri Bizzotto, Ksenia Markelova, Kwan Ho Wong, Lily McRae & Miles Hendricks, Marina Glez. Guerreiro, Martin Mesnier, Matt Congdon, Matteo Gatti & Carolina Rossi Casanovas, Max Athens, Michelle Homonylo, Neckar Doll, Pablo Stahl, Petra Szilagyi, Rafael Moreno, Rhea In, Ricardo Trigo, Royce hobbs, Sabrina Ryan, Sam Mullany, Simone Scandrett, Verity Coward Organized by Underground Flower & Rhizome Parking Garage

Firat Imec
K runs a blog named Hospital Porters Against the New World. He needs to share an important information he has acquired on the internet.

“JennyArea51Insider" thinks the world has a right to know what's going on in secret!...

Verity Coward
But "Jenny" doesn't exist; K invented her. K is trying to prove a point about something, a forthcoming danger. He pleads, “I’m making a direct appeal to everybody who has the ability to make fake videos: could you please stop!”

What he means is, we need to publish only information we know to be true. K is in search of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He wants to know only what we know to be true, to find what we don’t yet know to be true.

Hadaly Villasclaras

Everything must be rendered perfectly.

Adrian Ghiman
The corrupted videos
The bugs
The missing tapes
There is a rift in time

A rift between a frame of a movie, and the frame that follows.
It is an ever-flowing world constituent of an average of 24 worlds per second, where present is always and nowhere.

Simone Scandrett

Position and velocity of an object cannot be measured to its full certainty simultaneously. The more accurately you know the position, the less accurately you know velocity and vice versa. You are either certain of one or the other, never both.

Imagine a car moving along a linear road. If you want to see the exact place where the car is, you must pause time (because it's always moving). You pause time, you mark its place. While it is paused (imagine it like a photo), you CAN'T know its speed. It's a picture. If you want to find out the speed, you must un-pause and measure it. But if you un-pause, it's impossible to know the exact position of the car because it's changing.

Michelle Homonylo

The unbearable incommensurability creates an itch,
a tingle in the chest
at a moment of the death of someone I’ve had yet to cross paths with
In my world we’re all living in, but our lives are not our own

Abipa, the Promised Planet

Daniel Stroh

We’ve been told numerous times, in fact we’ve known all along
that we are many, and we are one and the same; that all of us are nobodies and all of us are everything.
...and then we repeat All of us are nobodies and all of us are everything.

This is an invitation-
to a life, not of your own making, but as a main character of a movie, a world constructed by unanimous branches of producers, blinded to each other’s makings,

A perfectly rendered montage, a world of certainty.

Ksenia Markelova

S stares at her reflection in the mirror. She is listening to the news on the radio.
“I don’t understand!”, she declares.
The news is always playing in the background.

Adapted for Solo Show from original text by Jisoo You: Part 1 Part 2
Video by B.R. Zumbrun

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Adrian Ghiman Alan Stefano Alice Aster Brit Jackson B.R Zumbrun Claire Goldstrom Cléo Sjölander Cory Pappalardo Daniel Stroh Firat Imec Hadaly Villasclaras Jasper Jordan Lang Juliette Ayrault Juri Bizotto Ksenia Markelova Kwan Ho Wong Lily McRae & Miles Hendricks Marina Glez. Guerreiro Martin Mesnier Matt Congdon Matteo Gatti & Carolina Rossi Casanovas Max Athens Michelle Homonylo Neckar Doll Pablo Stahl Petra Szilagyi Rafael Moreno Rhea In Ricardo Trigo Royce hobbs Sabrina Ryan Sam Mullany Simone Scandrett Verity Coward |Text: Everything Must Be Rendered Perfectly by Jisoo You | Organized by Underground Flower & Rhizome Parking Garage