Concrete Affection
a group show

Concrete Affection is an offsite art exhibition that comes from a force to emphasize and frame an unexpected abandoned public space. The works presented in this exhibition have a symbiotic relationship with one another; together they respond to the space, creating an experience of order and delicacy existing in chaos and accidents.

This show aims to question the inside by going outside, challenging the dynamics of authority and the value of traditional exhibiting locations. The artists involved are sparked from industrial and performative matters.

Featuring: Georgia Christou @shilekkka Ria @riaisnothere_ Domenika Georgiou @domeggs Eirini Kakopierou @nirnirirni Wassim El Hodayebi @waza_is_back Baroeg Mulder @baroegm + Lyy Raitala @lyyjaava Dj @_l0anna_ | 4 Nov ~ 6 Nov 2022 | Curated by Georgia Christou

Concrete Affection: a group show