Enamel Duckface
Joe Greer

Upon surpassing some upper limit of unchecked slapstick violence, the Paramount Studios prop house eventually falls victim to the same unannounced gas leaks, burst pipes, and steadily crumbling foundations as its real-world counterpart.

Collapse is rehearsed in the manner of an accident or coincidence, with the ever-mounting hunger of local Hollywood insect populations remaining unsated by cardboard replicas of cedar and pinewood bones. Casts of plaster and gauze are molded and discolored in proportion to their age and occupational demands, while wall sections are severed clean by exit lines promising spatial continuity off-screen. Rounds of stiff metal bands are sent rolling by the hand of a cool breeze outside, unspooling up and across each other in the formation of a window closing.

Whoever’s toggling the lens manages to sandwich the atomic and galactic into some working average, causing a suspension bridge to collapse into the scale of a broken waist belt whilst a flame-starved matchbook projects a shadow of the swollen hand discarding it. Under the duress of this spotlight, Hard and Soft play Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday, body-swapping into dramatic displays of mania and subsequent humiliation. Think of the climax as a scented candle plunging head-first into a toilet bowl, with Lindsay as the hot wax cooling hard to clog the pipes and Jamie as the face of Activia Yogurt, getting them to move again
Metal brackets
Polyester hose
Bicycle innertubes
Safety air gun
Armature wire
Pvc plumbing fixtures
Perforated metal banding
Window tint spray
Copper piping
Shoe sole
Zip ties
Watercolor pigment
Aluminum can tabs
Polymer clay
Canvas belt
Tennis ball

July 4th - August 1st, 2021 | Rheum Room, Switzerland@lil_deleuzi_flirt | @rheumroom