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exhibition by Eliza Chojnacka at solo show online

R.I.P. Plantationocene, greatest tyrant of the Terra.
St. Bananas, ghosts of cursed ruins, compost his sins after healing the guts of those who are exploited by his greediness. Do not let uncompromising fusion power of the Sun punish its surrenders.

Graffiti was made on an abandoned plantation in Los Silos, Tenerife. Tenerife, one of the greenest islands of the Canary Islands, which are the first instance of European settler colonialism in Africa. Tenerife currently is cross-over of provisionary luxury of mass tourism, the rawness of monoculture landscape and lush vegetation.

The artwork pays homage to the fall of the Plantationocene, a term coined by Donna Haraway to describe a proposed geological epoch characterized by the widespread impact of plantation agriculture and its associated social and ecological relations. In this context, it is deconstructed land art on soft walls of reclaimed land.

r.i.p. plantationocene
eliza chojnacka