by Carlos Zorromono

inside job at solo show online

Stifle with your technology the clamour of all that is free, wild and primitive. Destroy. Destroy. Our history and our soil. Ravage the farms and villages that our elders built. The trees, the houses, the books, and the laws and all equity and harmony.

Do that and more. I am not afraid of tyranny. I never despair, and it is that I keep a seed, a small but living seed, which I will guard with care, and plant again.
(Excerpt from the book Cosechas ) - Gustavo Dutch.

Action carried out for the Camprovín arte 2021 festival.
Location: Teñazos, Camprovín, La Rioja. (Spain)
26.07.2021 ― (instalación permanente)
Curator: Lara Montoya
Photography: Susana Malagón
Playlist: Antimaster - fuente de poder

by Carlos Zorromono @carloszorromono