at The Nihilist Church

The exhibition, whose title was taken from the 56th Venice Biennale, took place in an abandoned post-Soviet city called Pstrąże (formerly Strachów). Even before the Second World War, there ware placed German barracks, some of these buildings still last today. Later, the village disappeared from the maps, becoming a Soviet enclave,where only the military could enter to. After the fall of communism, the city was in the hands of Poles and in 93 it became completely depopulated. Since then, nature has began taking control of its surroundings. Sometimes exercises of special groups of the Polish Army are conducted there. On the outskirts of the city there is a training ground for armoured corps and a desert stretched over a dozen or so kilometers, which was used by tanks. Due to extreme conditions, the exhibition was closed to the public.

Curated by The Nihilist Church
Partitipating artists:
Nikodem Baiser, Paweł Baśnik, Justyna Baśnik Andrzejewska, Jakub Gliński, Tissue Hunter, Nikita Krzyżanowska, Mariusz Maślanka, Jan Możdżyński, Jędrzej Sierpiński, Monika Szpener, Stach Szumski, Bartosz Zaskórski, Basia Żłobińska