You Are Going To Take
A Bath In Good Luck.
Tatjana Vall & Justin Urbach

With the project "You Are Going To Take A Bath In Good Luck." Tatjana Vall and Justin Urbach confront transhumanist realities with a physicality that is both artificial and vulnerable corporeality. Both artists react to each other positions that are brought together in a large two-channel video.

Starting from the trend towards self-optimization of the human body in Western society, the artists develop a narrative centered on a solarium, thus revealing questionable values and outdated consumer behavior. The exhibition space of the "Digital Art Space is flooded by the cold light of an open solarium. Next to it monitors project artifactual components of the theme: Abstract motion sequences, surreal scenes and transmedial translations expand the retro-technofetishistic view and intersect it with current transhumanist currents. The installation "You are going to take a bath in good luck." deals with multidimensional perception and seeks clues in the play of virtual visual habits and parallel realities.

You Are Going To Take A Bath In Good Luck
Tatjana Vall & Justin Urbach