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56. Drown in thirst for the true desert.
57.Wait here until time stops procrastinating.
58. Find consolation in still missing yourself if you did not exist.
59. Spell the name your ashes will sigh.
60. Be too smart to trust your mind ’ s belief in itself.
61. Maximize actual impossibility.
62. Hesitate while giving up your twisted hand in total abandonment.

excerpt, SPHERESY 1693 by Alina Popa & Nicola Masciandaro

with kseniya khlopina + olya stolovaya, arina sukhankina, bernice nauta + isabel cavenecia, Sonya the Moon, ophelia hix, jessica markechová, oooooomarx, manon torne-sistero & joy lavigne, anja ripoll & tristan cubero, pysellino, atonal.u, daria arbuzova, jacob tar, javi camps, wilma harju, day xu, shoshka, eliza chojnacka, tvoii baby