| gothic pastoral | clear souls grey flowers | curated: torre alain

dear angels, know this ~
if you enter our storm, the old rites will follow you
as day turns into night,it was in darkness that we learned how to love and mourn


as the earth is transformed by the age of man
we place our hope
in the stray dog's theophany, we dash
our breathless notes, searching in the margins
to find our timeless stories: we court no heroes but

we reach toward each other, we shine
with our dark wounds of light, having known
sorrow and joys gentle and rough, we know
that myth and belief are human needs

nervous about our innocence and our agency,
our faith glows light in a world of dust
where, even in the face of heartbreaking extinctions
new passions are formed.


with Arina Sukhankina + Alexander Portyanko, Kinderspiele (Sara Di Lauro + Vitaly Weber), Causeyoudontfeellikeme + Olgabjem, Alix Bugat + Laurine Voisin, _V.3lo + Bacteriasesina.jpg, Vim G.H. and Baby, Halo (Torre Alain) + Dereyni, Laura Costas, Eetu Sihvonen, Bianca Goicea, and Emma Pidre⁣⁣⁣⁣
curated by Underground Flower (Torre Alain)