guillem s. arquer

The loss of gezelligheid
won’t tear us apart, again

The loss of gezelligheid won’t tear us apart, again (2020) is a site-specific installation meant for my actual residence, which is a floating house in Rotterdam. In each of the rooms there are windows through which one can see the canal. The canal is inhabited by many non migratory freshwater birds that can be seen around during the whole day.There is a tree that grows from the soil inside a floating device attached to the house into the canal. The canal is navigable.

List of the different objects installed in each of the rooms of the house:
· Living room:
Two camping folding chairs, a camping gas cooker, a camping cooking pot filled with a solid mix of a “cup a soup” and resin next to the kitchen area of the room.
Our planet (2019) by Attenborough, D. screened on a tv.

· Bathroom:
A 1:1 plaster-casted garden sculpture of a West Highland White Terrier placed inside the hot tub.

· Guest room / studio:
Two deep blue waterproof ponchos from Decathlon on hangers made with branches, which hanged from a MULIG clothing hanger from IKEA in the center of the room.

· Bedroom:
Two sleeping bags on a king-size bed with a duvet.