Humphrey: Jeffrey’s fatter brother

Jeffrey: A middle class man, usually unknowing to more common situations. Can also be a man of colour mimicking ‘white’ behaviour. This is not a derogatory term, just sometimes these cats can be quite stiff, but doesn’t mean we dislike them or nothing.

Examples could be: Hugh Grant.
Examples of Black Jeffries: Barack Obama, Brian Stokes Mitchell (the main black Jeffrey, the dude who read the news in ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ and also played Frasier’s nemesis ‘Cam Winston’).

Jeffrey (March 2015 Update): I realised that Jeffrey isn’t just a white man, he’s that snide dickhead who is condescending and arrogant. Like William Pierce in Minder (Simon Cadell, who also happens to play Jeffrey Fairbrother in Hi-De-Hi)

Jeffrey Fairbrother (7 April 2015 17:44): A middle class cat who’s well spoken but not snide. Gareth Dalton is a prime example, as is Hugh Grant.

"lmao i just assumed it was the UK version of a Kevin
a dirty jeffery
in the background wanking it while karen yells at people XD"