Enter the Lightwell

The Instagram feed is a holy well, a site of gathering, veneration and descent guarded by an uncertain presence. The offerings we send into it will never return to the surface. They gather at the bottom like relics of some forgotten ritual.

In their ongoing collaboration as @ket_whiteley, Simon Harris (@wikipedia_voyeur) and Felix Ashford (@content_creator_777) respond to daily woes by digitally generating ‘sigils’ - abstract glyphs of magical protection. Each one functions as a talisman, a confessional artefact of the artists present collaged from images of personal sentiment. In “Enter the Lightwell”, this private dialogue of collab posting becomes an interactive performance. On the opening night, the audience was invited to participate in a collective ritual of sigilisation.

The show was hosted at Backspace Gallery, from March 31-April 14

Enter the Lightwell
@ket_whiteley @wikipedia_voyeur @content_creator_777