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Ici pèse l’intimité de celleux qui se sont aventurés dans notre marais d’amour.
Ce sont ces êtres veillants qui, mal ou bien, ont traversé l’étang pour s’y réunir.

urd’hui, l’ornement n’est qu’une trace du désir. Le rituel est mort, réincarné autrement.
Laisse tes yeux vitreux toucher ces moments pour les célébrer à ton tour.
Ferme l’enclos derrière, la clé est là, dans l’eau.
L’eau stagnante qui t’a appelée comme elle m’appelait autrefois.
Cette nuit-là, les sangsues dansaient en murmurant ton nom.
Leur cœur saignait l’un dans l’autre comme la boue qui s’entrelace à la vase.
Quelque part, une essence parasite les pores d’une peau inΞniment douce.
Le microcosme frémit lorsque vous vous abandonnez à vos ardeurs.
Agitées par le reoet de la lune, les perles s’accumulent sur la toile d’araignée.
meurt éternellement la nappe algueuse qui croupie pour ne glisser vers aucun ruisseau.

Here weighs the intimacy of those who have ventured into our swamp of love.
They are those watchful beings who, poorly or well,
have crossed the pond to meet there.

Today, the ornament is only a trace of desire. The ritual is dead, reincarnated otherwise.
Let your glassy eyes touch these moments to celebrate them in turn.
Shut the enclosure behind, the key is there, in the water.
The stagnant water that called you as it once called me.
That night the leeches danced, whispering your name.
Their hearts bled into each other like pond mud intertwined with silt.
Somewhere, an essence parasites the pores of an infnitely soft skin.
The microcosm shudders when visitors abandon themselves to their ardor.
Shaken by the reflection of the moon, the pearls accumulate on the spiderweb.
The seaweed slick lives and dies eternally, rotting so as not to slip into any stream.

our love swamp, Solo Show Online

Notre marais d’amour (Our love swamp) is a project that transforms a purposeless space into an intimate rendezvous location. The installation was made in Montréal [Tiohtià:ke], Canada on July 16th, 2022 and has been peacefully deteriorating since.

Between two studio buildings, behind an open gate, is where the works of Cléo Sjölander, Kevin Cantin-Landry, and Julien Parant-Marquis can be found. The artists revisited the creepiness of this underground parking rooftop by turning it into a meditative and inspiring dating spot. There lies the artists’ intervention: nature in a hybrid form surfacing from within the concrete walls and ground. Moss and vines are emerging from the pond to caress their work.

Rainwater accumulates in the concave shallow pit forming a large puddle. Along each opposing wall, rows of air-conditioning units are humming (moaning) and dripping (cumming), interpreting stalactites in an urban context. This site was a compelling environment for the artists and their manifesto; the evanescence of their traces is a symbol of a never maintained relationship.

Unattended, wind blowing through a sparking Οame will quickly consume the love that lays within.

Documentation - Cléo Sjölander
Project statement edits - Lucy Gill
Exhibition text translation - Émilie LaΟeur

Notre marais d’amour | Our Love Swamp