| mrzb | stili drama: la giostra di lulu XLI-XLIV


STILI DRAMA is an episodic and para-cinematographic work which uses a narrative and fragmentary structure to activate the domestic, urban and suburban coordinates MRZB operates into. The work is allegorically situated in a hallucinatory world polarized between the landscapes of a luster, distorted and mechanical city and a suburban, horrifying and schizophrenic underworld.

La Giostra di Lulu XLI-XLIV, second fragment of the project, has been entirely filmed on the banks of river Stura, in the northern suburb of Turin. The filmic fragment presents itself as an allegory of the work as a show or a magic trick.

MRZB is a collective based between Torino and Amsterdam. Their practice questions the processuality of creation as a stacking of tensions and forces. Their collaborative and nomadic studio-practice relies on an aesthetic and affective research of what is peripheral, marginal and discarded. It explores a variety of expressive approaches such as sculptural, architectural and urbanistic interventions, installations, textile assemblages, site-specific curatorial projects, writings, text-sound based performances and object-based works.

Departing from a core interest for the abnormal, the research draws on topics such as the marginal, the domesticity, the decay, the grotesqueness, folk imaginaries, teen sensibilities, suburbia as repressed psychedelic and hallucinatory cosmos, to traverse the specters and residues of a centripetal and mass society.

stili drama: la giostra di lulu XLI-XLIV

Clown: Butrus Meinhof
Hangman: Leo Costello
Sister 1: Anna Gennaro
Sister 2: Giulia Lenti
Mannequin 1, Meetka: Mina Tomic
Mannequin 2, Jacqueline: Rebecca Griffith
Mannequin 3, Vlada: Pietro Agostoni
Mannequin 4, Lubna: Ivan Cheng
Mannequin 5, Augusta: Gail Cochrane
Clarinet, sax: Stefano Isaia

Music score: Golin
Production: Treti Galaxie