Nelson Pernisco: 3 exhibitions

Nelson Pernisco’s work has to be explored the way we would approach the third-places he makes his own (...) He relies on recycling poor and recovered materials, presented as touchstones of a world that may already be in ruins, and is at best under never-ending construction. Borrowed from the urban environment, from industrial properties or from the realm of technology, these figments are used in his work to reflect the precariousness of time and the urgency of rethinking. His sculptures and installations reveal the general instability lying at the heart {of society} (...) to emphasise that post-industrial societies have tipped over into the irrational, that the logical systems and power relationships have been reversed in a manner which disturbs their balance.

~Florian Gaité

Solo Show is happy to present a selection of Nelson's work across 3 exhibitions spanning 2018 to the present. Each describes, in its own way, the irrationality and vulnerability of contemporary societies and systems, constructing compounded and accumulative works from adulterated materials. Often site specific, it feels as though we've stumbled across the fantastical ruins of our current world yet to be discovered by our descendents.

Nelson Pernicio's current exhibition, MONTS INTÉRIEURS D'UN MONDE ANALOGUE curated by Vittorio Parisi, is on view at Villa Arson until April 17th.


In Beijing, there is an old observatory where ancestral astronomical tools are shown. Almost abandoned, those tools are oddly dreaming of our contemporary dystopias. They have no longer any scientific use to conduct resarches about the sky, but they are able to remember us those times when planets were still concerned about human’s destiny. Stories of ecological collapses and space conquests were the starting points of this exhibition.
Photographed by Christophe Levet



Villa Arson, until April 17th.
Curated by Vittorio Parisi
Photos by Jeanchristophe Lett
An exhibition conceived as a psychedelic expedition, a journey through a shamanic and cavernous world dotted with various encounters with experiences with matter.
Curatorial interview (FR)

Nelson Pernisco (1993) lives and works in Paris. Images courtesey of the artist. IG: @nelsonpernisco