matthias odin

I returned to my parents for confinement. It’s like I’m 15 again. They know that I smoke but I still prefer to hide. We have a garage. I find old sensations there. A mixture of worry and pleasure. It is a space where objects that they do not want to see in the house are stored. A bouquet of other shapes and colors. I have fun recomposing the piece. I live things, for all my own. I find an old piece of dry clay, I soak it. We have candy, I melt it. In short, I reconnect with what is most precious about creativity, a way of occupying space and time, of creating bond, at the heart of loneliness, I am in dialogue with the world. I invite my little brother to help me. It is a privileged moment to meet. Life is such a serious game, it makes me laugh sometimes.