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P0WDER was a 4 days residency from March 15th to March 19th between several artists and friends.

This exhibition is the work we made during that time, taken as one fast shot of necessity and urgence to get together and create.

Twelve artists came from Strasbourg, Paris, Lyon and Brussels: Anna Sougy, aru_andrea, Jeanne Gilbert, Charline Prat, Emma Taeko Zoia, hot irl, Mahe Cabel, Curtis Coco, Gaspard Hers, Laura Trance, Oélia Gouret and Mathias Moreau.

Atelier Saegher is an artist run-spaced based in Brussels since October 2020. It aims to promote the work of young and yet to be discovered artists, in group or duo shows. This project was initiated by emerging artists, to offer a way of showing art that differs from public art spaces. It also chooses to stand during these conflictual times in which more and more art places are forced to shut down. Since its opening, Atelier Saegher became a place to meet up and exchange — this ever-growing social environment is at the core of our project.

Its purpose is also to gather artists that never worked together before, in order to create new connections and interactions between their projects, allowing them to renew and express their singularities.

p0wder at Atelier Saegher
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