Valentina Parati
+ Lorenzo Benzoni

Audiovisual, Mixtape and performance conceived for a workshop with the artist Neil Beloufa, promoted by ECAL, Lausanne (CH).

The collaboration arises from the mutual desire to work around the idea of stage, a form that can be transformed into an exhibition tool in which several forms can live, including the sculptural installation, the audiovisual installation proposed by Valentina and Lorenzo's interactive performance.

Valentina's sound installation aimes at transforming a dj set into a memory through a mixtape whose bpm have been altered, from 120 (hardcore standard) to 20 bpm. The second part plays a series of compilations and mixtapes previously made and self-generated.

The idea of not performing a live djset is given by the desire to depict the resonance and the memory of a club.Valentina wants to create a situation in which visitors have the opportunity to walk around this environment and enjoy the djset, by also encouraging people to move to the music in that environment with her club queer archive’s elements. In the meanwhile Lorenzo shows his performance which is the highest expression of the frustration that young people endure due to the pandemic. The performance consists of a live song written by the artist on a XXXTentacion's beat, one of the most iconic artists of GenZ. Both works communicate thanks to the existence of the stage, which can mutate and create infinite interventions, just like in a club.

VL/NT* · 120bpm

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Valentina Parati + Lorenzo Benzoni

at Flowstone Space, ECAL
Lausanne, Switzerland