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The Church's primary mission is to heal mankind. As a result, the Orthodox Church serves as a hospital and a place of spiritual healing. This does not imply that the Church disregards other pastoral action spheres, since she aspires to serve the whole man, body and spirit included. She does care about the issues that are social, economic, and physical, but the focus of her pastoral care is on the soul's therapy because once the soul is healed, a lot of other difficult issues can be resolved.

Purification, illumination, and theosis are not stages of anthropocentric work in Orthodox spirituality, but rather outcomes of the untamed energy of God.

It is referred to as purifying, illuminating, and deifying when the divine grace (energy of God) frees a person from their passions and illuminates their intellect.

Depending on their outcomes, the same grace and power of God are referred to by a variety of names.

There are three stages of spiritual perfection as the three degrees of one’s cure - purification, illumination and perfection. These three phases of perfection are regularly emphasized throughout the entire Orthodox Tradition. Man gets healed and experienced Holy Tradition in this way; he also produces and carries the tradition.

He becomes Tradition.

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