what time
I'm calm
I am nervous
I'm calm
I believe
I'm going
an even number that emerges from the zonal center and disperses over an area defined by the genetic intent
social abstraction is not a form of differentiation, mechanical thinking with flat dynamics
you may inadvertently participate in a team event
residues we go through
look for the heart of steel
everything is covered in blood
expression of electricity-sided tentacles
stage 4


When i clench my teeth under a solar flare
My mind

thinks of the existence of a forgetfulness muscle
There is a muscle in your head

And it is trained to forget
The function of forgetfulness is the primary expression of love

-Valerie You

Pantheism// Converting into this
Mass of pepper
I get the chance to be
The unwashed bowl.

Converging my edges through invisible lines
With the formula that could
Raise me up to the
And hold my bottom to the

I get the chance to be
The unwashed bowl.

Being merciful over the fact that
Might get me crispy crust
And indivisible stains of

With the time passing by,
The dirt became
A bowl
That hurts!

But much more
Than a freshed meal.

A traditionalist bowl,
Bowling on your table
I am.

Waiting could be tamed by
Patience and patience can be tamed with
Meditation that could be tamed with
The present.

No one could possibly tame the pepper when chewing on it
Neither am I taming it
Because I am the context,
Not even the power
Of doing so.

I am not a human.
I am an object
And I may sit in the
Dirt 'til
Another rhythm:

A clenching fork of the folks
Sitting like dorks on
The edges of me:

I'm the table now.

I am turning them
As they turn me.

-Eva Luca aka. cerneală înaltă

Curated by Róbert-Dávid Somogyi

Participating artists:

André Alves
(ANDRENEVERDIe) (Brasil, João Pessoa - PB)
I'm an artist based in the northern region of Brazil, that used the free time to learn about digital art and techniques. Find myself in Blender and since 2014, I've been posting my pieces online and participating in online and live exhibition as The Wrong (2018) or XENON(2018). My work is cooperation of my imagination finding the support it needs in the machine to fully express what I see when I close my eyes.

David Pricob
(România, Petrila)
For almost 2350 days I kept crawling through this dark place full of worms, cockroaches, garbage and rotten food until I saw a small light coming out of the ground, not a strong one, but one that grabbed my attention. I got closer and I tried to look at the place where the light came from. The space on the other side was not very different from the spot I was, but it seemed to be a better option. I decided to try to dig until I got to the other side. I don't know exactly how long it would take me to get to there and how good it would be compared to this place where I was, but I knew for sure that I would miss the worms and cockroaches. I still hope that on the other side I will find these creatures, because I just don't know how long I will be able to survive without them, them being the only creatures that helped me crawl this far.

Eva Luca
(România, Constanța)
Eva is an emerging artist, is a Photography graduate of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, a poet and a free spirited activist. They like to be referred as Cerneala Inalta (translated to High Ink), the pseudonym they're using while writing prose. Alter ego of the Eva person, Cerneala is the dark, free side that lets them be who they are, without any constraints.
The series is called "The potato" (2021), reffering to the most popular vegetable in Romanian cuisine. It relates to the waste of food we are living nowadays in the situation of a climate crisis, hunger across the globe in poverty countries and the need to eat as human beings. Potatoes are cheap, but eating them is a luxury for us, the white ones. That is why I used black and white as the big scheme of colours in my photography project.

Larisa Stan
(România, Cluj-Napoca)
Cluj-Napoca based UAD master student, foto-video department. Currently doing&learning ceramics; I like to experiment and try as many mediums as possible, very much interested in human behaviours.
This piece is entitled "the enlightened ones" is a project idea (more of an instalation), a proposal for the offered space. The figures mean to reflect, on a literal and figurative way, the light. Wanting to capture, in a satirical way, the "awakening wave" that's got all over the world; An awakening wave that's making society want more and more awareness, wishing some kind of absolute enlightment.

Patricia Szmercsanyi
(România, Oradea)
I graduated with a master's degree in photography and video at UAD, Cluj-Napoca. I usually find the motive and motivation of art in the subjects that bother me in my daily life, such as politics, natural disasters, death, etc.; because I consider that these "sensitive subjects" are a necessity for human nature.
This work is named - Human 8. The subject of the project is the infinity of the human being. Focusing the topic on uncertainty, randomness, probability, chaos and things to do in a world we do not understand, a world with unseen, random and complex elements. In this video representation, through different sound frequencies next to subliminal messages, these combined with silence and agitation at the same time signify order and chaos, the tragic and the sublime, human fragility.

Ramanat Kuran
(Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco)
په ویتریا دی سانټو انتونیو کې زیږیدلی - پرانمبوکو ، د کورنۍ سره چې په ټوله نړۍ کې خپره شوې ، زه ، ډانیل یا رامانت کوران ، زما د ورځني کارونو وروسته په ګوګل کې د عکسونو لټون او یوځای کولو سره ځان ګډوډولو هڅه کوم ، د فرښتو ژبې له لارې ماته لارښود کوي.

(România, București)
Inceptiv mind in an organism combining genes with ai friends, algoritm based on existentialism, generalism. I grew up in a village where was no concept of art as a tertiary need, after I finished middle school I attended to high school of arts in sculpture, followed by my separation from family at 14. During high school years I formed a vision of interests in science, philosophy and magic, my grandmother who taught me to guess the future has contributed. In present I have a gap year, living in Bucharest and playing on the internet.
Internet love was the first type of romantic love I discovered in 2nd grade, my boyfriend nickname was gabyversace and we dated in a winter day, I remember my pink beret and the emotions of meeting somebody in reality. He was the first person that I meet in that way.

Tamás Veér
(România, Baia Mare)
Currently studying photography-videography at UAD Cluj-Napoca. For a couple of years by now I am experimenting with collages because I feel like that it lets me express myself my ideas my concepts. Collage art is almost like painting or photography but you already have the pieces and all you have to do is stick them together to create something unique.
My series of collages is a personal work called “sleep paralysis “. The works are about what I am going through when I have an episode of sleep paralysis, it’s a bizarre feeling something really dark and scary, I can feel the presence of something “bad” that watches me and tries to catch me. Since i am little I am struggling with that and I still have once or twice in a month, I learned to live it and sometimes it can really be an experience which helps me think about art and how it can be illustrated in physical form.

Teodor Szabados
(România, Cluj-Napoca)
Im a local student who likes to create semi creative stuff, ive started to make these type of artworks or collages 1 year ago, before that i didint even knew how to use photoshop properly without tutorials for everything, in that moment paint was an easier photo manipulation alternative for me, with my "abstract" or "daring" works i try to make a small connection from the imaginary world i constantly live.
(Un profesionist):
"It's a photoshop composition made with the default tools and assets, not including the gorgeous suit, inspired by a 2cm drawing on a blurry pic of a cereal box"
(the cyclop):
"It's a citizen from a land named Arges"
(space): "Money talks about lots of stuff, sometimes about people sometimes about space (Im tired of space, don't we like sky anymore ?) he asks in a desperate yet straight forward tone"

Valerie You
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
I am an artist, curator, and a member of Underground Flower. My work for Post Gallery's first show is a light attempt at grim kitsch. I'm someone who can be very easily caricatured as a doomer; People who are too conscious about the tropes they resemble often self-parody to distance themselves from judgement.
At this point in my life I'm at a space where distance coexists with over-proximity, trying to get to the next thing. In the sense of Icarus staring at an intermediate space between himself and the sun - Everything blurry with blinding clarity.
The image of the lava pouring through the hellscape comes from an unused photograph from another offsite I co-curated and produced called Fire Lily 3: Hellush Hearth. Fire Lilly was Underground Flower's sub-inaugural show, and has since become a yearly meditation on sacrifice. 🔥

Post-gallery: Sorrynotsorryperspectives @sorrynotsorryperspectives