Solo Show is always open for submissions.
We welcome offsite exhibitions, digital projects and other experimental works.

We prefer files sent via a Google Drive folder with edit permissions for
Please include any titles, text, links, or other information you'd like to publish.

We prioritize exhibitions which are previously unpublished (though your project may include old work, presented in a new form or setting).
In general, we do not accept submissions of exhibitions from commercial galleries, but please reach out if there's a project you'd like to discuss.

The nature of your solitude is open to your intepretation.

we also curate ongoing, collaborative shows that are decentralized (in space) and asynchronous (in time).
after curating an initial group of artists to set the tone, the stream is opened and anyone can join.
in this way we co-create a mutating space for visual culture; an unending exhibition focused around some key themes:

stream 1: gothic pastoral
unsorted hinterlands; sub-industrial zones; sinister rural euphoria; the poetics of our legacy of damage.

stream 2: lichtung
rituals, mythos, enchantment, fantasy, lore 🦇

stream 3: 333angel
subcultural romance + dissociative drainplay

stream 4: bless'ed curse {{opening 1 August}}
liminal spaces, haunted interiors, abandoned structures, and other indoorsy sites

you can browse our index to see the existing work for each of these streams.

artists are always welcome to submit work which fits more than one - or none - of these ideas.
let us know if you have a proposal for new streams / curatorial collabs.

Artists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our visual language before submitting - feel free to contact us through email / DM with questions or for conversation! @solo____show