You give me a curse

The sun will not rise today. Whether grasses, branches or leaves, the whole cage in the flowerless woodland still emerges in this early morning.

Your witch has been gone for a winter. The only candle I love extinguished today, those love letters you wrote to me are laughing in the gloom.

“Hahahahahaha. It's time.” I said.

On the 33rd day, when you gave me another love letter, we went to the lake in this forest, but there were no blue goats in the water.

I smell the smell of fire, the smell of bones, the smell of laughing. I heard the sounds of splitting, I heard the sound of screaming, the sound of running, and your sigh.

You want the last apple in this forest, but I snatch the weapon, I am laughing, the bow and arrow accost you. You are crying, I am crying, you are begging, I am running.

The goats in the lake came back, and this time, they have duck eyes.

If I never saw you again, tomorrow, I will dance alone and smile with sorrow.


Your witch came back this spring.

I'm naked, and so are you.