✨ somewhere between there and here 🧚‍♂️
Room69, Vienna, Austria

Somewhere Between There and Here is a collective exhibition of artists interested in their individual responses to notions of fluid networked systems, showcasing a diverse cross-section of new sculptural works in a variety of scale, approach and medium. Combining the connective pathways of electronic communications, creative process, and contemporary art practice, the artists’ works have been appropriated into a greater contemporary discourse around popular internet culture, invisible traces, the body/ mind as a liquid being, and even perhaps a future we all collectively could work to- wards. Somewhere Between There and Here is an exhibition of hybridity that approxi- mates the associative organisms and structures that constitute it. With this, the artists meditate on the rigid and/or flexible social structures and speculate on a shared future from a more nuanced perspective. The title of the exhibition alludes to the influence and interactivity of open/closed communication protocols and decoded information. With almost infinite interpretations, each acting within its context, Somewhere Be- tween There and Here functions as a conversation that offers insight into the thematic premise of current artistic practice within a larger critical discourse. In these phantas-magorical works, a juxtaposed mirror of reality pushes and pulls between an infinite space of existence. Whether they deal with the emotional evaluation of the conditions set by digital technologies, the transferral and translation of information transmission, or our (dis)connective relationship to virtual systems, the works are objects negotiating the intermediary spaces between and surrounding what exists both here and there and then perhaps even somewhere else.

This exhibition brings together artworks and objects that investigate alternative means of combining medium, subject and theme, with each piece individually created to engage with the framework of its specific situated context. The works not only attempt to divulge to audiences a substrate of ever-growing artistic practice but also serve to impart an atmosphere of creative questioning and collaboration – displaying com- monalities in theme, aesthetic or subject matter with other artists practicing in parallel. Inevitably, common threads and similarities surface through seemingly differing styles and themes, grounded by a sensibility that is particular to this moment and place. It is these threads of understanding and interest that allow the stitching together of a stronger overview of current artistic practice. The exhibition aims to make visible this hypothetical fabric that will dictate discussion and interaction and, in turn, hope to influence our online/offline environments.

Text: Brooklyn J. Pakathi

Cristian Anutoiu @nichtfalsch
“examining my pixel threaded skin”

Carmen Blum @lyra.yara

Lukas Dworschak @luke___d
“When you touch my heart I pour myself into the hypersea”

Josepha Edbauer @chosepha

Hannah Neckel @voidgirl69
“⛓✨💕☁️💖 ultra hyper paradise 💖☁️💕✨⛓”

Maximilian Prag @maximilianprag
“almost finished already we together”

Curator: Brooklyn J. Pakathi
Space: Room69 in Vienna, Austria @r00m69
Photographer: Maria Belova @mkrauz
Communications & PR: Paula Marschalek @marschalek.art