tinno circadian

Rite of passage

There are thoughts that we can foresee glimpsing them in the distance, in existing ways of thinking.
There is a future that is nothing but the prolongation of the present.
There is a "not yet present" that never comes; and yet here we are thinking about the paradoxical flash of this same sentence.
If we want a different thought from the present — if we want to change the present — then the thought must be aware of that kind of future.
It is not a future that allows us to progress.
This future is unthinkable. And yet here we are, thinking about it.
By coexisting, we are thinking about future coexistence. Foreseeing it and even more: leaving the unpredictable open.
But such a future, the open future, has become taboo.
Because it is real, even if it is beyond any concept. Because it's weird.
Art is thought from the future. At the moment we cannot explicitly think in thought. No we can in no way think of the thought nor speak of the thought.
If we want a different thought from the present, then thought must turn towards art.
Being a thing — a stone, a lizard, a human being — is be spinning.
How thought longs to twist and twist like poetry serpentine!
Or is art turning towards thought? Will any time?
The threads of fate have tied our tongues.
Tongue twisters prone to nonsense.
Logic contains nonsense, as long as they tell the truth.
The logic of nonsense.
The needle skipped the groove of the present.
In this dark forest you have already entered.
Present means to me "for the last twelve thousand years." An endless butterfly kiss.
-Timothy Morton in Dark Ecology

A sufficiently advanced technology would seem to us to be a form of magic; Arthur C. Clarke has pointed that out. A wizard deals with magic; ergo a ‘wizard’ is someone in possession of a highly sophisticated technology, one which baffles us. Someone is playing a board game with time, someone we can’t see. It is not God.
-Philip K Dick

In this book it is spoken of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes, and many other things which may or may not exist. It is immaterial whether they exist or not. By doing certain things, certain results follow.
- Aleister Crowley

We sorcessers, we have always known
-Gilles Deleuze&Felix Guattari en Mil Mesetas.