TOXICFEST x Video Cypher
if i die do not unfollow

At dawn on the eve of the Ghost Festival, Video Cypher’s Underworld Messenger leads us into a series of rituals, screening the 5 toxicants of Toxic Fest and burning paper works in dedication to the wandering deceased and all the lonely wild souls who are here with us.

紙紮創作 Paper Artists:

地府使者 Underworld Messenger

紀錄 Documentation

Directed by: KOTZ Screenplay by Ian Bruner Narration by Jennnital, Valerie You, Torre Alain
Directed by: Valerie You Graphics: Kaspar Sczech Additional script, sound, and footage: Torre Alain, Rasheed Mirza Duration: 13:20 minutes
Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis ft. Joshua Citarella
SAMSARA: preview
Samsara is a VR game experience evolving around the MAMAN mythology: a hallucinatory tension between human progress, fantasy, ego, and depersonalization, organized by Gallerie Falena with Underground Flower. Based on the screenplay 'Terminal Space' by Ian Bruner. Sound: Aulic Veil.
Hungry Ghost Bonus Pack
Biggest love to Video Cypher for hosting us!!

TOXICFEST x Video Cypher: if i die do not unfollow