Wilding is an ongoing programme that leads works between gallery and offsite presentations.

When work is set in the gallery showroom, the space establishes a field of movement that the tethered object must remain within. Such is the reasoning of the white cube, to create a space in which an artwork can exist free from outside association: the walls of the church, the horizon cut-off.

By contrast, the forest, the city street, the abandoned building - these offer possible sources of interaction that act to pull-into, that act to incorporate and to understand the actual and real: the objects remain tethered to life and its phenomena.

This is the tension and irony of exhibiting art in any context: be it a recorded song or live performance, something is lost in translation and exists within the work as a ghost.

Wilding is developed for Solo Show by Ian Bruner & Torre Alain

Kiss Balázs Ágoston: Szerzet/Creature No.1

Tom Putman: Society

Øleg&Kaśka: Frightened by the Red Moon I & II