guillem arquer

The tenant's dog, 2020.
Concrete casted garden sculpture,
dried moss and rubber wheels
with metal axes.
41 x 35 x 2 cm.

The first encounter with the object.
The action of carrying it from my neighbour's house to my place and then to the studio, a neoclassical sculpture of a nude woman sculpture on wheels being moved from the sidewalk into the inside of the café, the differences between the weather experienced in the Netherlands to the one in my hometown, the moisty moss dying because of the heat of the radiators....

Where are you?

In the collapse and the consequent loss of comfort, struggling to keep my body warm, site-specifically isolated from unconditional love.
The result of multiple agents are those eyes looking at you.

What else is there in the room?

Organisms that live and reproduce and die outside and inside oneself.