Gabriele Longega
A day out in search of my guardian animal

Netting hydro membrane skin-like, 2022,
natural items, latex, photographs, hair extensions
Invokation of my ancestral demons for healing, 2022,
leather, cd, concrete, hair extensions, chain
Dog’s saliva (after barking for 10,000 years to avoid domestication),
2022, wire, hotglue
At the dawn of our own species, 2022,
wood, concrete, polycarbonate

A desire flow of becoming-animal leaves its track across the muddy edge of a river. In this landscape there ain’t names, nor past, nor future, only proximity to animality. Speed demon intensifies. It’s a realm, a fold, all of its own. Humours are imbricated and intra-acted within this libidinal environment. By dawn, processes of domestication slowly dissolve.