| halo matskevich | potluck01

oh, hi...what are you doing here? me? idk, i come here to pray sometimes. yeah, idk i find places like this calming i guess.
what's that? well actually i've been looking for some stuff i left here last time.
you want to help me? sure, if you're not busy, i don't mind. i'll show you how to navigate.
use the arrow keys to navigate through different scenes. if you see an object, click it to add it to your inventory.
press X to open your inventory, and drag to position an item in a scene.
certain combinations of items produce different effects. maybe you'll notice some patterns.
i think it helps if you wear your headphones.
if you want to talk to me again, press Y.
*~(҉ɘ҉v҉o҉|҉ ҉b҉ᴎ҉i҉|҉d҉ ҉,҉ɘ҉u҉ƚ҉ɿ҉i҉v)~* what? umm...oh, nothing....
anyway, should we get started?