| secaucus hive | paul gondry

I was among the first to come here, it was in the middle of the winter, all the trees around the swamp land seemed to be dying from some kind of infectious disease contracted in the area.

We were instructed to go to sleep right away, all the rooms were very dark as the windows had been boarded up. I remember there was a hole in the main chamber, a very deep hole that seemed to go on for miles into the ground.

They told us not to go near it and to keep sleeping.

warm milk was given to us, it seemed to have been infused with some kind of root, it tasted very bitter and sometimes made people very sick.

The nights intensified as our bodies were being poisoned and the fevers kept getting worse.

One day a team came in and started laying large rocks around the hole, they were building some-kind of well structure around it.

Then fishing, they excavated buckets full of wet soil from the hole that they dumped into one of the flooded rooms. No one told us what was going on or going to happen to us.

The mud began to mutate due to its contact with humidity letting out a stench that filled up the entire hive.

The first batch took weeks to materialize, there were swarms of tiny little spores growing from the mud.

This is when we were instructed to begin the harvest of these so called spores, washing and cutting the excess meat for them to be processed by another division.

secaucus hive
by paul gondry
sets from Chronicles of Shpongle ⁣⁣

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