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exhibition by shoshka at solo show online

Live vivarium ecosystem: a deep research installation
100 x 40 x 40 cm
The core: wooden root structure, silk, crochet yarn, air dry clay, polymer clay, shells, freshwater pearls, coral rocks, candles, cyanoacrylate, resin, .925 silver.

"Everything around me was created for my sake. To deceive, trick, confuse me… If that‘s true, I guess I‘m not so crazy myself, after all?
- Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk

Subverting notions of modern high pressure fast-art, this installation shifts the focus to long term cultivation and deep research, and focuses on the investigation of natural processes which constitute life, purity, and decay. Enclosed in a glass container, Paradise of the Opium Eaters is in fact a self sustainable ecosystem, conceived in September 2022 and alive since then, a living transplant from the forest with different kinds of moss, ferns, occasional mushrooms and decorative arabesques of mold springing here and there. Inside its guts time flows differently: albino isopods (Armadillidium vulgare) and springtails (Collembola) slowly decompose deteriorating organic matter, and the organic sculpted core of the Paradise awaits being completely taken over by mycelium, converted, and consumed.

Shoshka is a one-person project focused on jewelry, sculpture and installation. The main aim of the project is to investigate how nature interacts with the aforementioned mediums.
Animal bones, teeth, freshwater pearls and pieces of coral sand used in jewelry pieces and objects are found or bought from ethical suppliers, then cleaned, hardened, waterproofed, lacquered, and framed in precious metal: silver (.925) or gold (.585). Not all objects are for sale, some are a part of the artist's permanent collection, and can be rented for a symbolic fee.

paradise of the opium eaters

audio by Diamantista

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