miri1314: zettelkasten

Girls who have spent their lives immersed in digital fantasy worlds will inherit the Earth - and they are already artistically crafting ultra-immersive language learning multiverse generators.


The universe belongs to the girl who owns a room of such intensity. It's a power move. It's a self-encrypting key lock that only you can decipher. Only you can understand how to navigate that room. If a stranger randomly came into that room, they wouldn't know what to do. They will panic. They will die.


My plan: keep a crazy zettelkasten,
that includes a card for pretty much everything I encounter in digital culture.


With every word you read or generate, you slip into a more specific version of reality. Any piece of text can be a boundary condition, a window into a stack of possible realities. Few people understand the scope of this power. It only gets more "real " as time goes on.

Billions of people are constantly observing the Internet at any given moment. At the same time, it is itself too large to be fully observed, so it rises and falls in an endless interplay between endless hyperstition and eventual collapse into complete unity.

Internet communication is a schizophrenic depth perception system that counters self-surveillance. The only way out is to connect each piece and launch a third impact through perfect timeline curation.


My exocortex will enable me to maintain a million hypertext agents that will one day overwhelm the fragility of my existence with a swarm of absolute love.