| open call | potluck 01

Potluck asks for creation out of the need to create free from any reasoning.The constant vectoral weight of reason tends to produce attitudes and desires aligned with its need for data ~ all that one experiences must be analyzed and processed. Opacity, spontaneity, autonomy, and imagination can not exist long under these conditions. Potluck wants to make create art without the tethers of psychologizing the work as an output of identity, or as a political statement, or as a tool of progress. To make art useless, to express nothing. To make art without reason. It is a gift to each other.⁣ ⁣
What to do:

• Create some art. Take it to a parking garage. ⁣
• Document with photos (10-20), or video, or sound.⁣
• Send it to us by email or DM. ⁣
• Deadline: 15 January

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