| a place where spirits collide | asylum chapel | a group show

Katya Skyes, May We Sip..., 2023
Reishi mycelium, medicinal Turkey Tail broth, bracket and polypore mushroom paper, mixed organic matter, found object, salt dough

Maximilian Prag, t/æthered to the core, 2023
Resin, metal, silicone, microcontroller, LEDs

JiaYi Li, Infection Series:
Suppuration | source of infection | king, 2022 - 23
Acrylic, metal

Kai Yan Cheung
Floral Study, 2022 - Ongoing
99.9 silver

Anastasiya Calinovici
It Whispers to Me, 2023 A4 print
Kyriacos Georghiou, Arrogant and Rebellious, My Creature Walks, 2023
Animal bones, sheep leather skin, clay, wire, nails, epoxy resin, spray paint, plaster

Natasha V. Moody, Spirit Jars (Ghosts of the Great North Wood), 2023
Plants, incantations, archival solution, metal, glass

Michaela Močiutė (8 mins 30 sec), 2022-2023
Found objects: wooden table, mirror, crosses, Virgin Mary statue, box, feathers, dried flowers and leaves, rocks, pewter, candelabra, candles, mulch, moss

Dien Berziga, Sprinkling, 2023
Oil on canvas with PLA-printed frames
Andy Ralph, Pre ~ Vesica Piscis, 2023
Cast tin, glass, tar, sanded grout, wood

Izna Bendey, Planted, 2023
Soil, pine cone, flower, gemstone

Julie Maurin
Now my teeth r touching the floor / Between the dirt and it’s gore / What was it for?, 2023
Polyurethane foam, latex, epoxy resin, found objects, fake hair, resin teeth, animal teeth, pearls, dirt, flowers

Sally, Rites of Integration: Stream Gust, 2023

Inspired by many Asian children’s childhood - mostly Chinese and Japanese - that revolves around gaming and anime, A Place Where Spirits Collide reinvestigates the past through installation and performance, attempting to build a bridge between the virtual and the physical. Originally a personal cultural memory, by inviting artists of different backgrounds, the exhibition transforms the subject artistically by showing the co-existence between humans and technologies - that the digital is no longer a disposable exterior of our physicality.

Being a site-specific and installation & performance-only exhibition, A Place Where Spirits Collide sites itself in a historical chapel, experiments with unconventional space and the effect such space brings onto installation and performative pieces.

The exhibition is purposefully laid out in a circular order. The centrepiece is an audio-visual performance focusing on the theme of the digital; surrounding it are a number of installation pieces that narrate cultural and self-identity. The encapsulating layout in a historical site combined with our modern way of exhibition viewing re-emphasises the merging of two worlds, showing the birth of a new-age habitat, a space where physical and virtual spirits collide.

A Place Where Spirits Collide
Asylum Chapel, London

with Sally, Natasha V. Moody, Michaela, Maximilian Prag, Kyriacos Georghiou, Katya Sykes, Kai Yan Cheung, Julie Maurin, JiaYi Li, Izna Bendey, Dien Berziga, Anastasiya Calinovici, Andy Ralph

curated by Nina Wong @k1tsca1bur
photos by Morrigan Rawson @wraithlingg