The constant vectoral weight of reason tends to produce attitudes and desires aligned with its need for data. All that one experiences must be analyzed and processed. Opacity, spontaneity, autonomy, and imagination can not exist long under these conditions.

The parking garage is a the inferno of the same, it is the agony of eros. It is a labyrinth in which the ceiling is often the floor, a schizophrenic environment that does not allow the face to be recognized. These structures ~ modern functional ruins ~ are global and in most cases duplicate a common design. When empty, the parking garage is a blank and timeless space, each floor a duplicate of the prior and next, each garage duplicate of the next and the last. In this way it can act as a portal, an access point into multi-linear spaces: all parking garages comprise a kind of universal parking garage. When we are in one parking garage, we are in them all.

The internet is a(nother) decentralized and/or multicentered domain, having displaced direction and effectually erased all horizons: the prevailing order and systemization of the economy, the so-called self, the endless lines of communication, that which individuals are inseparable from and immanent within – eating and being eaten; the ouroboros, many heads and many tails, all devouring and being devoured by one another, multiple tenses at once.

Potluck asks for creation out of the need to create free from any reasoning. It wants to create low-art, art without the tethers of psychologizing the work as an output of trauma, or identity, or as a political statement, or as a tool of progress.

Potluck wants to express nothing. To make art without reason.
It is a gift to each other. To eat together. To make art useless.

Each participant or group in the project documented their works at a local parking garage of their choice, using the space as a double / doppelganger / representative of the universal, free of further intentiom.

Potluck is developed by Rhizome Parking Garage and Underground Flower for Solo Show.

בעזרת השם