☆ added Surround 7.65, Alexandra Koumantaki at Naxos island
☆ added ill omen 3, Taka Kono, Claudia Dyboski, Cayetano Truyols at malpais
☆ added Laīna, artist portfolio
☆ added Our Love Swamp, a group show in Montréal
☆ added Je veux que tu meures by Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard
☆ added Concrete Affection, a group show in Cyprus
☆ added Indefinite, Zac Nelson and Mauree Keaveny
☆ added hell met, Trin Alt at spaza
☆ added neo-folk-lore, a group show
☆ added vestiges, a group show
☆ added i wish i knew how to quit you at Elk Glade Ranch
☆ added Kokada de Sal by Romain Vicari
☆ added Rubi Azul & Saramalacara, Look into the sky & I see myself
☆ added like a moth to a flame,, Luca Florian at atelier35
☆ added ill omen 2,, taka kono, halo, and claudia dyboski at CHURCH
☆ added Hanna Rose Stewart,, The Waiting Room at Number1 Mainroad
☆ added Alyosha the Whyte,, Alina Izmailova at ENSAPC

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