solo show online is a network of offsite exhibitions + experimental art.
we curate exhibitions of new work from invited artists, share work by friends, and develop visual research.
you can read more about about us, view a random show, or check the update log below.

♡ pinned Potluck
♡ pinned gothic pastoral, an offsite series
♡ pinned apolline diane, artist portfolio
♡ pinned 000000asusual, psychogeographies
♡ pinned lisa signorini & vvxxii at Malpaís
♡ pinned catabasis

☆ added victim of cosmetics, claire barrow
☆ added ich glaube, wir sollten woanders hingehen, angélique aubrit and ludovic beillard
☆ added a place where spirits collide, a group show at asylum chapel
☆ added what lies beneath, the speechless foolies
☆ added soft when warm, leo costelloe & deividas vytautas at Guts Projects
☆ added Club_Toys vol.2, Vitaly Weber & Sara Di Lauro at Spiritual Sauna
☆ added Øleg&Kaśka to Wilding
☆ added Secaucus Hive by Paul Gondry
☆ added ᛏᚺᛖ ᚱ ᛁ ᛏ ᚢ ᚫ, ᛟᛞᛁᚾᛟ x SANKUANZ
☆ added Misty's Tears, Gitte Maria Möller at Cape Town Unitarian Church
☆ added tegdirb, flourishing as one
☆ added Fern Church by Anna Ranenoe

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